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Below you’ll find information about our teachers and the classes they are currently offering. Click on a teacher’s link or photo for expanded info.

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Ann ConstantinoAnnC

Teaches Beginning, All Levels & Restorative Yoga 

On Sunday and Tuesday mornings Ann teaches Hatha Yoga classes followed by a Restorative Yoga class. On Thursday mornings she also teaches a Level 1 Yoga class.

Ann teaches all-levels hatha yoga incorporating a sense of internal alignment suited to each person’s unique structure and history, and allowing the meditative aspects of the practice to cultivate reflection and growth. You can work hard or hardly at all, depending on your needs on any given day. She also teaches restorative yoga based on movements borrowed from various gentle movement therapies and incorporating range of motion exercises, simple stretching and strengthening, and breath work. Restorative yoga can be a tonic for a hectic lifestyle, a recuperative practice for those working with injury or chronic pain, and a pranic reset for just about anybody.”


Shares a beginning level SRY (Supreme Release Yoga) class on Friday evenings and an advanced SRY class on Wednesday mornings.

Advanced SRY is a Level 2 class and meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  This is a 2 hr class and is designed for students who are familiar with this style of yoga or have been to Hanuman’s Beginning SRY class   Call 707-247-3237 for more information.

Beginning SRY is on Friday afternoons from 4 till 5:30 pm  This class is a beginning level 1 class.  After this class your back will feel better and your mind will be quieter.

Hanuman trained with Master yoga studying Svaroopa Yoga and the teachings  of Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati for many years.  More recently training with Kaya Mindlin in SRY or Supreme Release Yoga.  The focus of these classes is to release the deep core tensions within the body.  This decompresses the spine and opens up the flow of energy along the spine and throughout the whole body.  Utilizing traditional poses along with various props, Hanuman will help you find the alignment and support that will help you get a deep release in the core of your body. This allows you to soften into the alignment instead of tightening to hold the alignment.  The weight of the body then leans into the bones for support which increases bone density.  There is a focus on stabilizing the hip and shoulder joints to prevent over stretching of the ligaments and connective tissue, especially in extra stretchy people with hypermobile joints.  This helps get the release to go deep into the core of the body rather than stretching out the joints.  When the deep core tension is released the legs and arms realign, relieving ankle, knee and hip pain as well as wrist, elbow and shoulder pain.  One of the keys to this practice is awareness in the body and within oneself.  It encourages students to drop into the deeper experiences yoga can offer and is a great practice for supporting meditation and other spiritual practices.
Eliot Hanuman Tigerlily has been teaching yoga since 1999 and has over 500 hrs of teacher training and adds hrs of new training each year.

SRY Yoga Therapy is now available contact Hanuman for more information.


Dawn teaches  Sivananda Yoga 
10 am – 12 pm

 Dawn’s 2-hour Saturday class is based on the Sivananda sequence.  We flow through a gentle warm up series, and then get our blood flowing with sun salutations.  The final hour is a sequential series of asanas designed to stimulate each chakra. Come join us for a thorough, relaxing experience!

Questions? Call Dawn at 707-223-0372



Gayna     Teaches Yoga – Levels 1-2-3

Tuesdays & Thursdays       5:30-7pm

With Gayna’s years of yoga teaching experience since 1970, she can tailor each yoga posture to the ability-level of each individual, as well as answer questions students may have about yoga.

This class begins with some seated poses, includes Sun Salutations, and can include standing poses, sitting poses, forward bends, back-bends, as well as inversions. She often asks at the beginning of class if there are any requests, then addresses those requests as an integral part of the class.

 For more information vist her web site at www.gaynauransky.com



Ashtanga Yoga – Level 2-3 

8:30 am -10 am

This is a “self practice” session for advance practioners. Ashtanga Vinyasa series flows from one pose to the next, and keeps you moving from beginning to end.

It starts with sun salutations, moves into standing poses, seated postures flow, and finishing poses, ending with a very appreciated relaxation period in savasana.

This is fun and invigorating for those who know the series and just want to sweat and flow! Previous experience practicing yoga is required. Practitioners help adjust each other in certain poses.